NZ Tourist Information Review Sites – Well Worth Your Time

A good friend of mine recently finished a two month holiday venturing around New Zealand. He had the time of his life and told me it was a definite must see country, knowing that I myself was interested in travelling to New Zealand soon. I was intrigued, as last year work colleagues of mine holidayed in New Zealand for four weeks and although they commented on what a beautiful country New Zealand was, they admitted that the accommodations they had booked online did not live up to the expectations they were led to believe. Also, the NZ tourist information they had read on these accommodation sites about local activities and tourism operators proved unhelpful. Their jet boating experience in Taupo for example had fallen far short of the ‘thrilling adventure’ as promised by the NZ tourist information they had read, they felt the more appropriate catch phrase for this ride should have been ‘leisurely cruise’!

I asked my good friend what he made of my work colleagues unfortunate experience. He said they made the mistake of believing word for word what was offered by each of the accommodation providers and tourism operator’s websites. I felt bad for my work colleagues as I was planning on doing the same type of searching on the internet. Not wanting to have the same bad experience as my work colleagues I asked my mate how he went about arranging his travel plans. My friend told me about searching for NZ tourist information review sites online.

Internet traveller review sites, he explained, offer people in the midst of planning a holiday, or already on holiday, a wealth of information from other travellers. These travellers’ are just everyday folks who have actually stayed at certain backpackers, motels, hotels and bed and breakfasts in New Zealand. He also noted that you could review NZ tourist information from real tourists on a wide range of tourism activities. These review sites had travel forums with priceless information on the pro’s and con’s of particular activities. I quickly discovered the best mountain biking tour to do in Queenstown by the ‘amazing’, ‘best tracks ever’ and ‘well worth your money’ comments.

I spent a few hours reviewing tourist opinions, ratings and leaving a few questions. It was time well spent compared to aimlessly searching through a couple of sites that came up for general searches. My main problem now is deciding what my budget can afford as the travel review site I have been reading has also highlighted the best rated skydiving operator in Taupo.

Feeling relieved that I was not about to make the same mistake as my work colleagues, I was able to start making some travel arrangements. My mate agreed that it was unlucky that more people planning, or already on holiday, didn’t know about these sites. However, I did feel a little guilty when my work colleagues asked how my New Zealand holiday planning was going!

Through talking with thousands of travellers while running their own adventure tourism business, company owners Cymen Crick and Nick Morrison discovered that there was a clear need for independent trav

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